How To Go Green In An Urban City

Oct 26


There are many reasons why a city should go green. There are the constant worries about our nations reliance on foreign oil and the economic and environmental impact that has on our nation as a whole.

In a world of global warming and acid rain, a person doesn’t have to look very far to see the negative impact that not going green was going to have on our country and the world.

In the urban setting there are even more incentives to adopt a green lifestyle because of the large numbers of people in a small area that are potentially affected. This opens up the door for citizens and businesses to adopt a more eco friendly method for living day to day. The following are some ways to go green in an urban city and help save the environment.

Recycling Bin

Recycling Bin (Photo credit: Canton Public Library (MI))

Recycle More – Most modern cities have the beginnings of a recycling program, but to really start to make a difference in the economic impact we have is to increase those recycling efforts. Simple programs like including a compost program that instructs people how to separate their food waste from their trash. The cities can provide compost bins for home use. Laws can be passed to encourage the use of recycling programs and limiting the amount of garbage that can be disposed of each week.

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Plant Trees – Another simple way to go green in an urban setting is to create more green in your city. There has to be urban renewal programs that focus on planting more trees and plants all over the city. Trees produce oxygen and absorb pollution cleaning the air for all of the people to enjoy. There are spaces available on sidewalks, using planters, or on the rooftops of buildings to plant and care for as many growing plants as they can. These practices can lead to healthier lives and even increase the number of jobs available.

Public Transportation – If a city can reduce the number of vehicles on the road they can decrease the pollution created by those vehicles. Promoting public transportation can do this quickly and easily. A city needs to supply clean and safe buses, trains or subways that people won’t mind riding. Public transportation should rely on renewable energy as much as possible. Getting businesses on board by offering incentives to financially reward employees to use public transportation could be very valuable and effective in decreasing the use of cars.

Be Bike Friendly – Promoting alternate forms of transportation like bicycling to work is a great choice to lower the carbon footprint of an area. Creating bike lanes and enforcing traffic laws that make biking to work a good alternative to driving can help. Also there should be ample free public parking for bicycles to be left. Widen the sidewalks and make your city a place where biking is not only accepted but encouraged.

Energize the Community – Trying to go green won’t be easy if you are working all by yourself.  Enlist the help of the community to join in the effort. The voices of many will be heard over the voice of the one. Have the community become involved in informing the people and government about the benefits of going green.

Lighting- Be aware of the lighting that your city uses, and encourage them to not waste energy on lighting unnecessarily. Also using energy efficient light bulbs will allow the carbon footprint to be lessened.

Print less – Create incentive programs for companies to print less and use more paperless options, this will save forest products and also save in the energy costs of printing these items.

Eat Smart – The simple act of bringing a mug from home instead of using a disposable option can save energy and reduce the pollution that you produce on an individual level. If you can encourage large numbers of people to do this you can make a real impact doing something very simple and relatively easy.

Support Recycling – Make sure that you and your company only purchase office supplies that are made from recycled materials.

Paperless in Every Way – Make the decision to go paperless in paying your bills, and every other aspect of your life.


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