National Bravery Award Winners 2012

Nov 02


Bravery means many things to different people, but universally it is recognized as the act of overcoming your fear to perform a task that needs to be done. When you place your own personal safety second to the well being of others you have displayed a courage that will define your character for the rest of your life.

The National Bravery Award in 2012 were given to many children who placed themselves in harm’s way, risking bodily harm to save or protect someone from physical danger. All of these twenty four children have themselves become an inspiration for people around the world. The courage that they displayed in all sorts of different circumstances by these eight girls and 16 boys draws the best out of others, and makes the world a better place. The following are some of the exploits of these outstanding individuals along with the names of all of the Bravery Award Winners of 2012.

Master Kapil Singh Negi – This 15 year saved all of his younger classmates when a flood threatened to wash them away. He saved them from a landslide.

Master Om Prakash Yadav -  This 12 year old boy saved his classmates from a burning van while the adult driver fled to safety. All of his fellow students were saved by his efforts. Ignoring burns to his body he continued to work until all were saved.

Km. Mittal Mahendrabhai Patadiya – When several thieves attacked her step mother this 13 year old girl had the courage to fight them off. She received several serious wounds for her bravery which took over two hundred and fifty stitches to heal.

Late Master Adithya Gopal -  A 14 year old boy who saw a friend in trouble and never thought twice about giving his own life to save his friend from drowning.

Master Uma Shankar – Another 14 year old boy who risked his own safety to save many victims of a bus accident, pulling them to safety and helping them get life saving medical care.

Km. Anjali Singh Gautam -  This 15 year old girl, risked her life as her village was attacked by armed gunmen. They were firing indiscriminately all over the village, she saw her brother get wounded and then picked him up and ran him to safety, showing total disregard for her own physical well being.

Master Yandam Amara Uday Kiran – 8 year old boy who saw a mother and infant fall into a swiftly flowing canal, jumped in and risked his life to save the infant from drowning.

Master Suthrapu Shiva Prasad – a 14 year old boy who seeing a woman fall into swiftly flowing flood waters jumped into the river, risking his own life to draw her to safety.

Master Ranjan Pradhan – This 14 year old showed tremendous courage as he rescued a three year old child that fell down a well.

Saudhita Barman – A 14 year old girl, who lost her life after she saved several relatives from drowning.

Late Km. Lovely Verma – This 14 year old girl perished but not before she saved two of her friends from drowning in a pond.

Master Dungar Singh – A young man who selflessly leaped into a fire, receiving significant physical injuries to save the life of his brother.

Sheetal Sadvi Saluja – Traveling with her sister and mother, there was an auto accident and this 10 year old girl fought off several assailants on bicycles and stopped them from robbing them. Risking her wellness as she fought against much larger men, her mother and sister made it to safety and were not robbed.

Other award winners were: Divyaben Mansangbhai Chauhan, (Gujarat), Master Sandesh P Hegde, (Karnataka), Sindhushree B.A, (Karnataka) , Master Mohammed Nishadh V.P, (Kerela), Master Anshif C.K, (Kerela), Master Sahsad K, (Kerela), Master Johnson Tourangbam, (Manipur), Master Kshetrimayum Rakesh Singh, ( Manipur), Late Master C. Lalduhawma, (Mizoram), Km. Prasannta Shandilya, (Orrisa), Master G. Parameswaran, (Tamil Nadu).

All of these children showed a willingness to risk their own well being to save someone else who needed their help.  In some cases the sacrifice was death, and in others there were significant physical injuries endured by these heroes. Each of these stories is a lesson in how you should live your life, placing the safety and happiness of others ahead of your own selfish interests. These awards annually highlight the bravery that is shown by children every single day.

Calling these children heroes seems to be somehow insufficient when describing what they actually accomplished.


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