Top 10 Amazing Heroic and Courageous Dogs

Oct 12


It is often said that dogs are man’s best friend and this article is being written to prove this once and for all as a statement of fact. There are many examples of real life dogs that have risen to the occasion and shown amazing and courageous actions that have saved lives and inspired people to be better in their everyday life. These dogs are or were actual living dogs that displayed the fact that they can feel and act on the emotion of love.

Laika was a very brave and heroic dog, as he was the first animal to go into orbit and sadly the first animal to die in space. The long term benefits of this dog’s sacrifice were the space programs of the world. Laika proved that organisms could survive in space as she was able to survive the launch and weightlessness of space. She made a valiant sacrifice for all human beings on the planet. Her bravery will never be forgotten.

Appollo was the first K-9 unit to respond to the World Trade Center attacks on 9-11. He arrived on the scene fifteen minutes after the initial crash and worked tirelessly to find missing people until the buildings collapsed. Appollo showed bravery in the face of fire and falling debris and only wanted to serve and protect people. He is a symbol of courage and bravery for all people to follow.

When Shep’s beloved owner passed away, he went to the train station to see him off, and waited for the return of his master. He waited for six years showing a dedication and love for a person that is unrivaled by any other story. The bravery that Shep showed every day, as he waited; hoping for the return of his master is an inspiration for everybody. Shep’s vigil finally ended when he was tragically killed by a train, and thus was reunited with his long lost master. A statue was erected to Shep, to commemorate his courage.

Nemo was a war dog in Vietnam. When his master was shot, Nemo shielded his body and took two bullets and still refused to leave his wounded master.  When the fight was over, Nemo had paid the ultimate sacrifice to save the master that he loved. This is a great example of a courageous dog.

Jackie was a Dalmatian that lived in Germany during World War II. He was taught how to perform the Nazi salute in a mockery of the fascist regime. He was seen in public and still gave his mockery to Hitler himself. Although the Nazi leadership was outraged at the mocking nature of the salute, no charges were filed.

Louk is another dog that has shown extreme courage in the face of danger in Greek Riots. He has become a national icon because he has been seen during recent Greek Riots, nipping at the heels of riot police and protecting the safety of the protesters.

Being called Bobbie the Wonder Dog is probably a proper name for this great dog. When he was accidentally left behind on a family vacation, Bobbie took it upon himself to walk the 2,800 miles to the home of the family he loved so much. The story was investigated and confirmed by countless eye witnesses along the way. Bobbie made the trek in about six months and his love and affection warmed the hearts of many people who have heard the story since.

Chips was a war dog who single handedly forced all members of the enemy inside a pill box firing on his handlers to surrender to him. He continually placed himself in harm’s way to save American soldiers, received many medals and commendations.

Gander was a World War II war dog that was stationed in Hong Kong, during the battle of Hong Kong, he single handedly fought off several waves of Japanese attackers and even picked up a grenade thrown near his comrades and tossed it back at the attackers. He became a legend among the troops because of his action.

Barry was a St. Bernard that rescued people who were lost in the Swiss Alps. He had been recorded that he saved at least forty people braving freezing temperatures, near impossible terrain and even attacking wolves.


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